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Zero Waste Farming with Manju Kumar

Zero Waste Farming with Manju Kumar

This Earth Day we want to encourage everybody to make #everydayearthday. Growing food is not something we have tried before, so we chatted with Manju Kumar from @zerowastefarmer to get some inspiration. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a mother to 2 sons, also the president of my focus these days is on advocating for our home  earth. My younger son and I started a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit whose aim is to share knowledge on how we can live more kindly at our homes, with the emphasis on growing gardens and heals soil, provide food and create habitat for other species, like butterflies, bees, other wildlife that might visit in the suburbs. 

What inspired you to live consciously , grow your own food and start brush with bamboo ?

 My love for health, my love for earth and all species. It’s our right to thrive and be happy. We all need access clean and safe food, water, air. For that we need to care and understand our planets needs, and how it functions. 

 What tips Do you have for anyone starting their own food garden ?


 Soil is the most important part of a garden, mulching is the single act that helps heal soil. Soil in the healthy state is living, it provides a home for many species. Soil is Earth’s gut. It’s where all nutrients are broken down and made available for plants. 

What tips do you have for parents who want to raise more consciously with respect to food?

 Teach them to play in the garden, teach them to plant seeds, share the miracle of life that thrives in the garden, teach them respect for Earth and all its beings. 

Short, sweet & inspirational. Thanks Manju! We're going to get our hands dirty! 




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