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Welcome to indigrow!

Designed by educators & moms, step into our enchanting universe that inspires play and conversation about identity, diversity and inclusivity. We create delightful, multicultural books & games for little kids all over the world . You can read more about our story here. In the meantime, happy exploring!

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A delightful universe of books, games & songs that make culture play fun for kids around the world. Made with love.


Books, videos and camps that inspire necessaryconversations on identity and cultural awareness in the early childhood years. COMING SOON!


Imagination. Empathy. Creativity. Communication. Critical Thinking. Essential Life Skills for children in the 21st century.

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Why we do what we do..

We are all born different but we don’t want to be treated differently

How we look, behave, speak, eat and other cultural elements impact the way we see ourselves and others. Celebrating our similarities and differences early, raises kind and confident children. Our platform and goodies spark life changing conversations on identity and diversity through everyday moments of play.

What folks are saying.

It is a fantastic way to introduce India to your kids! The inclusive and unstereotypical nature of the products is why we love it!

@ammatoday, Vaishali, Chennai

The products are elegant, minimalist & quirky. As a parent raising kids outside India, it is products like these that truly help me get my children to understand the essence of India.

@timesofamma, Shweta Ganesh Kumar, New York

The A to Z of India series is such a creative way to teach ABCs with a splash of India culture. Now, Aadhav sees the letter A and says Auto! I love connecting our Indian heritage through the books, flash cards and puzzle!

@kamanabhaskaran, Singapore

Mishika loves the @indigrowkids Memory Match Up cards. The other day I was playing this game with her and when I said N for "Namaste" she automatically folded both her hands and greeted me. I was so surprised and emotional!

@totallymom_sense, Rupal Srivastava, New York

A much needed, well thought of products for kids (0-7yrs) that has India woven in it without being overbearing. Sameera LOVES the Memory Match Up & cute illustrations on them"

@ediblegarden, Nags, Singapore

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