Our Story

The Beginning

How I dreamt of indigrow

Hi! I'm Kshama. It all started when we found out we were pregnant. You see, I grew up in India, but 16 years and 5 countries later, I found myself about to raise a multicultural family with my wonderful South African husband, Rich.  As I dreamt about how I wanted to raise our baby, I imagined him growing up, not just appreciating  India, but also people and cultures from all over the world. In an increasingly diverse & global world, I wanted him to be culturally aware, kind & curious. And guess what?  Other moms & dads wanted the same for their kids. And that was the beginning.. 

The power of two

Bringing indigrow to life

Then, I called upon my best friend, soul sister and passionate early childhood expert, Akhila, to come on board this journey. We wanted indigrow to be a multicultural destination for kids & parents. We set about creating a delightful universe for kids
.  A world of wonder, play, make believe and fun.  Filled with relatable characters, stories, games & songs. Rooted in play, the logic of child science and the magic of imagination.  A hands on, tactile way of connecting families, sparking conversation & breaking bias. 

Our vision

 we believe

...in growing great kids. In diversifying every playroom. We believe a mirror into one’s own culture and a window into other cultures are essential to raise more empathetic and imaginiative kids of tomorrow.  Soon, we hope to bring many different cultures to life. So, come join our indigrow family! Go ahead, make playtime and bedtime a whole lot more fun and a bit more multicultural. Happy Exploring!