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#igotitfromymama: Neha Gandhi

#igotitfromymama: Neha Gandhi

Once in while you come across a woman who is her own person, effortlessly stylish, funny, confident & warm. Wonder if she got it from her mamma? Read about the lovely Neha, creator of Love Playing Dress Up and her inspirational mom. 

What are your memories of your mom from when you were a child?


It's a testament to our relationship - most memories that I have growing up in some way or the other include my mom.

From instilling the love of reading in me to running from dance competition to other. To practicing stage parts to talking about crushes and dealing with breakups.

I remember this one time when I came back from school and fought with my mother because one of the girls in class was raving about how much fun she had with her "cool" elder sister and that I did not have one.

And then as I entered college, I realized that I dint really need a older sister. My mom is my cool sister, friend, mom! 


When you look back now, how do you feel your mom inspired & nfluenced you in your growing years?


I guess as kids we learn by observing more than what's told to us. The respect for elders, family first attitude, love for reading, the competitive spirit - all these traits weaved in our nature I guess in some way have been inspired by mom. Can I also blame my mom for my impatient nature ? 


What qualities & quirks of your mom do you have that you carry forward into your current life?


Everything that I know in my role as a mother, is what I have learnt from my mom. A few days back,  while being confined indoors for almost two months now - when my daughter and I were screaming while playing something silly - my husband exasperatedly commented “ I am stuck with these two girls and one of them doesn't realize that she's actually the mother!”

That to me ... is exactly the friend I want to be for my daughter.

 I love the fact that our favourite book is the same and we've used so many themes from the book as guiding principles in various instances of life. Like nerds you will find us quoting the book in situations - like  getting off the stage and not think that you could have done better ( giving it your best! )  or because you love someone that is exactly why you have to let them go on their own ( letting my daughter to be independent in little things )

 Oh and you wanna know some quirks? my mom loves face packs and I guess I take from her that while cooking in the kitchen, you might find us applying anything that we are using in the kitchen on the face. Grapes. tomato juice, yogurt, rice water. Hahaha! 


If you had to tell your mom how you feel about her, what would you say to her today?


I might start by saying sorry to her for all the silly arguments I have with her and probably fight the very next minute abut something else.

Now, don't we all relate to this? Thanks Neha, for sharing this! Really, you made us smile! 



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