Pookalam | Onam Flower Arrangement | Vineetha Parammel |

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Is Onam festival decor ever complete without a Pookalam? Beautiful flower petals arranged in a delicate, ornate pattern with love - brings colour and life to the entrance of a home. Not to mention the positive energy and vibes. 

Watch as Vineetha and her little one talk about Onam as they collect flowers from the garden and make a gorgeous Pookalam. This short and sweet video will make you smile and inspire you to do the same in your home. 

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About Vineetha Parammel

Vineetha lives in Seattle USA with her husband and 3 year old daughter Nivi. A former techie, she loves to spend time with her daughter reading books, doing activities and crafts. Born and raised in Kerala India, she moved to US after her wedding. You can follow her adventures here. 

Thank you for creating this video Vineetha. Little ones every where will love recreating this, feeling one with nature while learning about Onam.