Our Story

The Beginning

How I dreamt of indigrow

Hi! I'm Kshama. I suppose this story starts when we found out we were pregnant. You see, I grew up in India, but 16 years and 5 countries later, I found myself about to raise a multicultural family with my South African husband, Rich.  As I dreamt about our future baby, I imagined him growing up, not only confident about his identity but also culturally aware, kind & curious. And guess what? I soon realized that many parents are navigating raising kids in an increasingly diverse world...And that was the beginning.. 

The power of two

Bringing indigrow to life

Then, I called upon my best friend, soul sister and passionate early childhood expert, Akhila, to come on board this journey. We wanted indigrow to be an enchanting universe that inspires play and conversation about identity, diversity and inclusivity. We set about creating a world of wonder, play, make believe and fun.

Our vision

 we believe

...in growing a kinder, more empathetic generation of tomorrow. By creating a platform where little kids, parents, educators and creators join hands and celebrate differences and similarities in the early childhood years, we believe we can break bias, educate and have conversations that truly matter. So, come,  join our indigrow family in this journey of diversifying playrooms. Happy Exploring!