Playdough Mooncake Stamps |DIY Activity|

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A cute little craft and DIY Activity making mooncakes, with playdough! 

What's special about it? 

It's easy, all you need is our printable, playdough, a glue gun & a good attitude! 

What do I get? 

1. You get a lovely step by step video . Endearing and easy to follow this video will talk you through the whole activity. Simply gather the material, put on the video and you're ready to go. You and your little one will have an amazing time! And the results are definitely worth the effort. 

2.  A printable with designs for the stamp.  All you need to do is print it out and y ou're ready to go! Just to make it easier, you will also get a document with step by step instructions on how to create your very own Mooncake Playdough Stamps. 

How do I get this? 

Just add this product to your cart, and you will be sent a download link to the video and printable instructions within 24 hours. 

Wait, is it free? 

Yes it is! We love to create & curate and this has been put together with love by members of our community. Authors, story tellers and clever moms have put this together for you. So, enjoy and spread the love. Please do share and pass it along! 

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