Onam Sadhya | Festival food | Sruthy Menon and Avi

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You cannot celebrate an Indian festival without the delicious food traditions that go along with it. And Onam is no exception. Watch this delightful short video as Sruthy and Avi bring the feast of Onam - the much awaited Onam Sadhya to life.

Sruthy and Avi take you on a journey through the different food elements of an Onam Sadhya including Avi's favourite! It's a wonderful starting point for conversations with your little ones about the food of Onam and to recreate it in your home! 

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About Sruthy Menon 

Sruthy Menon is a mom to an almost 4 year old toddler. She moved from India to the United States in the year 2015 after her marriage and now she calls the US her home. She does miss her family back in India and she tries to keep up with all the traditions that she used to follow as a kid. She loves to write, create vlogs, photography etc and hence started an instagram page as a creative outlet. She named the page "snapsavorscribble" because you see contents related to cooking, parenting write ups and travelogues. The extra add ons you will find on her page are a ton of funny memes! You can find her on Instagram here. 

Thank you Sruthy and Avi for creating this. It will definitely be inspiration to many little boys and girls all over the world as they celebrate Onam!