Mid Autumn Storytelling | Yobe Qiu |

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The story behind a festival is as important as the festival itself. In this video the delightful Yobe Qiu tells the story of the Mid Autumn Festival with her book " Our Moon Festival" 

So, what do I get? 

You get a comprehensive video with a beautiful narration of the  Yobe's story book "Our Moon Festival" A beautiful narration, making it an enjoyable book reading about this festival! 

How do I get this? 

Just click on the image and it will open up on your computer! 

Wait, is it free? 

Yes it is! We love to create & curate and this has been put together with love by members of our community. Authors, story tellers and clever moms have put this together for you. So, enjoy and spread the love. Please do share and pass it along! 

A little about our creator Yobe Qiu

Yobe is an educator, entrepreneur, mom, and bestselling author with a passion for storytelling. As an educator, Yobe taught children and their families to embrace love and diverse cultures. When she identified a need for more multicultural books, she decided to create her own children’s stories featuring Asian characters and cultures. Today, Yobe is proud to publish books that help children like her daughter feel seen, heard, and represented. Yobe looks forward to writing many more stories in the years to come. You can see more about her here. And follow her here. 

Thank you Yobe for creating this for the community!

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