Diversity Play Lab Bundle | Activities, Games & Tips |

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Grown ups talk but kids play! Celebrate differences and build confidence early with this lab of delightful activities. Prepare your little one for a global, multicultural world. 

So, what is the Diversity Play Lab, you ask? 

A set of 25 activities. 

Zero Prep. Ready to go. Just print out.

Powered by play. Designed to spark conversations. 

How are the activities designed? 

With play and child science at the heart of each and every activity, this Diversity Play Lab is designed by early childhood experts at indigrow. But make no mistake, these are no ordinary “worksheets”. Those are boring! These are oh-so fun printables, art & craft activities, science experiments and more. The themes we picked are the most common questions kids ask as they notice differences in how people look. Specially in their early years. 

“ Why are my eyes different?”

“ Why is his skin darker?” 

“ Why does her hair look so wild?” ….. and so on. 

Each play activity has two parts.

1. The first part is a delightful activity designed to be easy, with almost zero prep and can be switched on instantly. Hence the name InstaPlay ( get it ? ;-))

2. The second part is for grown ups, where we give you facts, context and actual phrases, to empower your kiddo so they can be prepared and culturally aware. 

None of us want our little ones to be bullied because of differences in the way they look, act, eat, speak or dress. And we’re pretty sure no one wants to raise a bully either…..and that’s where this play tool comes in.

Let’s raise confident, kind and culturally inclusive kids of tomorrow! And yes, it helps  to develop their own identity and instils self confidence. 

How do I get it? What does it look like? 

You just add it to cart , you will receive an access link in 48 hours with access to 25 activities, categorised by themes, with a guide for each activity, conversation starters and more! 

How best to enjoy it? 

All it takes is 2 mins!  Weave it into your everyday life. Use a printable, get out the crayons and have a cup of tea as your little one has fun. Have a little conversation that will make a big difference in their lives. 

Also, add on our New Toco’s How we Look Playbook (15% off if you buy them together) for a heart warming story and more tips and tricks about celebrating differences. The Playbook and Diversity Play Lab together are magic! It’s how kids will absorb these concepts best! 

How old does my child need to be? 

We recommend the Diversity Play Lab for little ones 3-8 yrs old.

Don’t miss this essential play tool if you want a raise an emotionally well rounded child. 

Do I need to be raising a mixed race kid or be an expat to enjoy this?

Absolutely not! This is made for anyone looking to raise a little global citizen, to open minds and nurture confidence and kindness. It is a way to celebrate differences and similarities in a fun and delightful way. We are all living in an increasingly multicultural world and our kids are going to be dealing with physical, emotional and cultural differences earlier - this is a great first step to develop their emotional and cultural intelligence.

Wait.. there is more! 

Don't leave before you explore our Play 'n Talk section for more free, fun resources inspired by diversity to raise culturally aware, confident and kind kids! Also follow @indigrowkids for Tips and Tricks everyday!