Hanukkah Fun Facts + Pro Tips | Free Printable |

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Celebrating Hanukkah this year? Or just keen to introduce your future little global citizen to the festival? This totally free Hanukkah Festival Kit is for you! The entire festival kit has delightful videos, songs, printable activities and much more.

So, what is this Fun Facts Printable? 

It is filled with little nuggets of information about Hanukkah for you and your little one to enjoy! 

- Things to do checklist 

- Pro tips and conversation starters 

- Fun Facts about the Festival 

A pretty wholesome kick off for The Hanukkah Festival! 

Is it really, free? How do I get it? 

It's completely free. Just add this product to cart and a file will be sent to you as soon as you checkout. That's it! 

Who is it for? 

Everyone! Whether you're Jewish or not, this is a lovely way to introduce a cultural festival to your little one.