Affirmation Stickers + Toco's How we Look Playbook

$23.00 USD

The clever busy bees at indigrow created a combination of their Toco's 'How We Look Playbook' and Toco's Affirmation Stickers

1. Toco's How We Look Playbook: So much more than a story book, it is a play tool to build confidence in your kids and nurture kindness. Join Toco the Toucan and his friends to explore How We Look’ with your little ones. Nurture their natural curiosity about physical features of people around the world through play and conversations.

Read the story and use the "Have fun with Toco" sections to play and talk about essential topics. We break it down in an age appropriate way & most of all make it fun! 

2. Toco's Affirmation Stickers: 12 gorgeous stickers that are inspired by the book! Each one has an affirmation spanning different aspects of 'How We Look' . Stick it onto a surface visible to your little one every day and repeat the phrases every so often. You can use one every month to build confidence in the most delightful, playful way. All you have to is "Say it with Toco" 

 How do I get this bundle? What does it look like? 

The book will be shipped to you along with the stickers and arrive in 10-14 working days. The book is a perfect 10 inches by 10 inches, ideal for a bookshelf. The stickers are just the right size for a mirror or cupboard to reinforce messages of confidence often with your little one.

How best to enjoy it? 

It's designed by early childhood experts to work together!  The Playbook and Stickers together are magic! It’s how kids will absorb these concepts best. Read the book, play with the 'Have Fun with Toco' section at the back of the book & use the stickers to celebrate your little one.

How old does my child need to be? 

 We recommend this bundle for little ones 3-8 yrs old.

Do I need to be raising a mixed race kid or be an expat to enjoy this?

Absolutely not! Although it is helpful for mixed race kids and expats, this is made for anyone looking to raise a little global citizen, to open minds and nurture confidence and kindness. It is a way to celebrate differences and similarities in a fun and delightful way. We are all living in an increasingly multicultural world, our kids are going to be dealing with physical, emotional and cultural differences earlier - this is a great first step to develop their emotional and cultural intelligence.

Did you know?

As early as preschool, kids notice differences in  ‘How We Look’. These differences can impact your little one’s self confidence & how they see the world. So don't wait, start conversations of confidence now. 

Wait.. there is more! 

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