6 in 1 Progressive Puzzle |1.5 - 3yrs|

$19.00 USD

What is the 6 in 1 Progressive Puzzle, you ask?

This is the perfect introduction to puzzle play as your little one explores the vibrant colours of India. Start with our 3 piece puzzle and work your way up towards our 6 piece puzzle. It is really 6 puzzles in one. A great deal! Our trademark hand painted illustrations divide up to form chunky pieces which fit together, giving your little one a sense of achievement every time it's completed. You know how kids get bored easily? That's the beauty of this progressive puzzle. Once you do one, the next one gets a little harder. And then your little one moves on to do the next and revels in the delight of having finished that! It's helping your child learn about India, about colours while improving spatial skills and logic. Challenging and fun! Pretty good , eh? 

What age should my little one be? 

Our kids started at 1.5 years! And it can stretch right up to 4 years old. It really is the best introduction to puzzle play. The best way to get a head start in logic and spatial skills while having fun! 

What does it look like? 

6 puzzles with different levels of complexity come in an organic cloth bag packed nicely into recycled cardboard box. The square box is 9 inches by 9 inches by 5 inches - not too big, not too small. The puzzle pieces are chunky, safe and made of hard cardboard.  They are of different shapes and sizes, but all perfect for little hands. As with all our products, made with recycled material and printed with soy ink, safe for little hands! 

Best way to enjoy it? 

Pair it with the Colours of India Baby Board Book for the perfect story and play time experience with your little one. Make playtime and bedtime a little more Indian! 

Click here to watch how the Colours of India Collection is designed to work together for your child!