A Diwali Story | Bhakti Mathur |

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 A Diwali Story with a twist! The lovely Bhakti Mathur tells us about her story book about Diwali and her own take on the mythology behind the festival. 

What do I get? 

 A video from the author herself, direct to camera! This doesn't happen often. 

How do I get this? 

Just click on the image and it will open up on your computer! 

Wait, is it free? 

Yes it is! We love to create & curate and this has been put together with love by members of our community. Authors, story tellers and clever moms have put this together for you. So, enjoy and spread the love. Please do share and pass it along! 

A little about our creator Bhakti Mathur

 Bhakti Mathur is renowned for her  ‘ Amma, tell me about...’ series. She lives in Hong Kong and is inspired by her own childhood, to create her books. You can read more about her at

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