A Singapore experience that’s more than a book. Unlimited play sessions to develop skills and celebrate culture!

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Limitless Ways to play!  

There are a gazillion ways to use this book. Limited only by imagination. Here are some thought starters on how to use it.

Spark Imagination

Each page has a story. Ask your kids to complete & create their own stories. 

What happened after the Merlion got off at Marina Bay? Where did he go?

Do you think Daisy the Dog and the Banded Langur monkeys know each other? How do you think they met? 

Tika the Tiger might be headed to the zoo to meet Zippy. What do you think happened after? 

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Nurture Empathy

Help your little ones understand other people  and make lots of friends!

Leia is from India, Fleur is from Holland, What about Nathans friends? Which countries do you think they come from?

Why did Ved give his teacher flowers? Can you think of something kind to do for somebody?

Ah ma is an older lady trying something new. Isn’t that great? What do you like about the older people in your life? 

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Ignite Creativity

Our little ones love creative play! It's how they explore the world around them.

Use crayons and finger paint to draw the night sky on National Day. What else can you make?

Use play dough to recreate your favourite food from the book .

Play five stones or Zero point, click for simple instructions! 

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Practice Communication

Help your little ones express what they think by asking questions like these.

What festivals do Chen Wei, Leila and Elyas celebrate in the book? Encourage them to talk about the festivals you celebrate at home. 

What song is Rachel Singing on the River Boat? Sing your kid’s favourite song together.

Can you find the page where Java Mynah is eating Jelly beans? Can you find the Panda?

What will we find at the wet market?

How many geckos do you spot in the Gardens by the Bay drawing?

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Develop Critical Thinking

Encourage your little one's to ask questions that explain why things happen. In turn, they form their own ideas and opinions. 

Yin found a Yo-yo in his Yong tau Foo. Where do you think it came from?
 What would you do if you found something strange in your food?

Make a list of all the wonderful places in the book. 
Which place would you choose to go for a picnic? How would you get there?

Why do you think both the Panda and Peacock like Purple Pyjamas? Which are your favourite pyjamas? 

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Here are the fun facts for everything in the book! Enjoy!

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