Q & A

You have questions and we have the answers. Keep scrolling. And if you really, really, really can’t find answers, our busy bees will be happy to help you! Drop us a note at hello@indigrowkids.com 




1. What goodies can I buy from indigrow?

All the goodies on the website are available for sale. Happy exploring!


2. How many products are available? 

We have books and games inspired by India, Singapore and China! We believe that building identity and developing a world view early, raises kind and confident children. You can scroll through our Products Page for all our products. 


3. How are indigrow products made? 

With love. They’re made with thought and care to ensure your little ones discover the magic of India. They’re also made with 100% recyclable material and printed with soya ink. Safe for even the littlest of hands! 


4. Are indigrow products age appropriate? 

Without a doubt! We believe little ones need to grow with indigrow , so we have something from ages 0-7. It’s really up to you when you want to use them but our recommendation is in the product description of each product on the website.



5. Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries, but if your country is not listed, drop us an email at hello@indigrowkids.com and we will make a plan to help you. Look at our shipping link at the bottom of the home page to see where we ship to. 


6. I’m so excited! How long will it take for my indigrow stuff to arrive? 

Typically, it will take 10-15 days. 


7. Oh no, my package didn’t arrive! What do I do?

Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out for you. Just drop us an email at hello@indigrowkids.com with your Order no. 




8. How do I buy all these delightful things? 

Go to our products page. See what you like, add to cart and complete the check out process. One click away from making playtime and bed time a little more Indian.


9. I can’t find a way to pay, what do I do?

We accept all major credit cards, Pay Pal, Apple pay, Google pay etc. If you still have an issue, do send us an email at hello@indigrowkids.com and we will help you out.


10. What currency can I pay in? 

You can view prices in most major currencies, but payment will be made in Singapore Dollars at the current exchange rate. 


11. Can I return my package? 

Oh no. Really? That’s a shame. You can check out our Exchanges and Returns policy at the bottom of the home page. But we want to make you happy, so yes, if it's a valid enough reason, we’ll either send you a replacement or a gift card.