Our Story

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So, where shall we start?

It all started when two little girls grew up to be Mamas. We wanted to share the India that we grew up in, with our little ones. The ‘India’ we grew up in was fun, charming, contemporary and delightfully vibrant. It had so many wonderful aspects that we enjoyed everyday like thrilling auto rides, colourful festivals, varieties of yummy food, soulful music , exciting animals, beautiful cities and so much more. But you see, we couldn’t find any books, games or stories that showcased that kind of India. So, we looked at one another and said, “Let’s create it ourselves!" And that’s how this enchanting place called indigrow was created. At indigrow, our busy bees create delightful books, games and stories for little ones all over the world to discover and explore the magic of India.

We believe...

in growing great kids. In creating a world of imagination, play, make believe and fun. Intertwined with feelings of empathy, tolerance and inclusivity. A world where differences are recognised and celebrated.

Each of our products at Indigrow have been designed to spark creativity and imagination, to encourage conversations, to break mindsets and to visually stimulate while taking you on a journey through India.

So, come join our indigrow family! Go ahead, make playtime and bedtime a whole lot more fun and a bit more Indian!

Happy exploring!