India Holiday Scavenger Hunt |Free|

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Travelling to India with your kids? Don't miss our FREE Indian Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

What's the India Holiday Scavenger Hunt you ask?

Well, it's 50 fun things that will definitely be present in any Indian city. As your little one spots it and experiences it, they can cross it off the list. What fun, right? You can print it out or use it on your phone - an easy way to help kids connect and explore India. 

How does it help?

It will encourage your kids to try new things. It will help you start conversations about the cities you are visiting. It makes them happy and excited to experience Indian culture at its best. Remember, it's not just the big festivals and food that define culture for kids - it's the little things they see and experience everyday.  And most importantly, it's a great way to have fun while exploring India. It can even be done with grandparents or uncles and aunts, so you can have that much needed break.

How do I get it? Is it really free?

Just add this product to cart and a link to download it will be sent to you in 24 hours. You can print it out or just use it on your phone. Yes, it is completely free, you will not be charged. You're welcome:-)

Enjoy your Indian Vacay!