Toco's 'How We Look' Playbook

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Did you know?

As early as preschool, kids notice differences in  ‘How We Look’. These differences can impact your little one’s self confidence & how they see the world.

What's Toco’s How we Look Playbook, you ask? 

So much more than a story book, it is a play tool to build confidence in your kids.

Join Toco the Toucan and his friends to explore How We Look’ with your little ones. Nurture their natural curiosity about physical features of people around the world through play and conversations.

How best to enjoy it? 

1. Read and use the story.We don’t need to tell you just how powerful a story can be! But don’t stop at reading the story. Talk to your little one about the different characters. How did they feel? What do they think? What do they notice that is same or different about them? Keep revisiting the story. As they grow, they may observe something new or react in a different way 

2. Play with our “Have Fun with Toco” Section. Don’t miss our ‘Have Fun With Toco’ section at he back of the book. The perfect combination of fun facts, activities, conversation starters and empowering phrases that help little ones you love, grow up to be confident and kind! 

3. Pair it with our Diversity Play Lab. 

(15% off if you buy with book - A Bundle Offer).

A bundle of easy peasy, zero prep, meaningful and fun activities you can do at home to spark conversations of confidence and kindness. Trust us, it’s essential to prepare yourself and your kid in today’s global, diverse world! 

How old does my child need to be? 

Ah! It’s never too early to start! But we recommend the book for little ones 3-8 yrs old. 

What does it look like, really? 

A hard bound book with beautiful, images that leap out from soft pages. A true collectible item, this book is a nice size for all ages. A perfect 10 inches by 10 inches, perfect for a bookshelf. Made with recyclable paper and organic ink, safe for even the littlest of hands.

Do I need to be raising a mixed race kid to enjoy this book?

Absolutely not! This book is made for anyone looking to raise a little global citizen, to open minds and nurture confidence and kindness. It is a way to celebrate differences and similarities in a fun and delightful way. We are all living in an increasingly multicultural world and our kids are going to be dealing with physical, emotional and cultural differences earlier in their lives- this is a great first step to develop their emotional and cultural competence.

Wait.. there is more!

Head to our Play n' Talk section for more free play based fun inspired by diversity to raise culturally aware, confident and kind kids! Also follow @indigrowkids for Tips and Tricks everyday!