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#igotitfromymamma: Hetal Vasavada

#igotitfromymamma: Hetal Vasavada

A baker, an author, a mom, Masterchef contestant. How can someone be all this, be so humble & gorgeous at the same time? Wonder if she got it from her mamma? Read on as we chat with Hetal Vasavada, the creator of the very popular @milkandcardamom about her relationship with her mom. 


What are your memories of your mom from when you were a child?


My favourite memories of my being with my mom are the quiet moments in the kitchen. Silently sitting next to each other prepping food or watching her cook. I loved that she got me so involved at such a young age. I was rolling out baby rotlis that my mom would cook-off for me at three and prepping veggies by the age of nine. I loved it, it was my fun activity with her. 


When you look back now, how do you feel your mom inspired & influenced you in your growing years?


My mom definitely the type of person who believes that healthy home-cooked meals are a way to show love. She cooked with the mindset of never creating food waste, getting in as many vegetables into a dish as possible, and when it came to desserts or non-desi food, she always says "if you want it, make it at home"! This mindset definitely was passed down to me and I much rather enjoy a warm meal at home than go out. I like to challenge myself to see what I can make and see how I can make it better. My mom also could take the weirdest dishes and mash them together into a delicious meal, there was no "no" in her improvisational cooking. This inspired me to be more adventurous with my recipes ideas as well!   


What qualities & quirks of your mom do you have that you carry forward into your current life?


My mom will turn anything into thepla or paratha. Leftover pav bhaji, daal, veggies, shaaks, literally anything. This mindset of not wasting food is something I carry on in life. I always try and reuse leftovers or save failed dishes to use in another way! 


If you had to tell your mom how you feel about her, what would you say to her today?


" You know I love you. We say it to each other every day. You also always ask me when you're getting your royalty check and not to share recipes inspired by you before you test it yourself. So that I don't ruin your impeccable culinary reputation! LOL !! "

Thanks Hetal. How cute is that?!

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