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Which team should I support? Help kids with this question!

Which team should I support? Help kids with this question!

POV: It’s a sunny, Sunday afternoon. The television is on and the family sits down to watch the much hyped test series. India versus South Africa. It’s very clear whom you’re supporting. Your little one who is Indian and South African isn’t so sure… Should I support India because of mom? Or should I support South Africa because of dad?

POV: You’re Indian but living in England. There’s a big India-England cricket match and your little one wants to support India but all his friends are supporting England. 

It's natural for your little one to feel conflicted when caught between supporting two teams that their parents or friends support. Your little one may feel torn between their loyalty to their family and friends and their natural choice of team. This can be especially difficult if family and friends have a strong attachment to their respective teams and express their enthusiasm in a way that puts pressure on the little one to choose a side.

Your little one may feel confused, anxious, or stressed by the situation, as they may worry about disappointing one parent or hurting a friend's feelings. They may also feel like they have to hide their true feelings or keep their preferences a secret to avoid conflict.

Ultimately, your little one's feelings will depend on their personality, the relationship they have with their family and friends, and the way we handle the situation. It's important for us to be understanding and supportive of our little one's feelings. Encouraging our little one to make their own decision based on their personal preferences and interests can also help them feel empowered and confident in their choice.

Here are some things you can say to your little one to help them feel comfortable in this situation:

  1. "You know, in our family, we all have our own favorite teams, and that's what makes sports so fun! It's okay to cheer for different teams because it's all about enjoying the game together."
  2. "Isn't it interesting how we each have our own preferences? It's like having friendly competition within our own family and friends. Let's have fun bantering and playfully teasing each other about our teams."
  3. "Remember, supporting different teams doesn't mean we love each other any less. We're a family, and our bond goes beyond the game. We can respect each other's choices and still enjoy spending time together."
  4. "Sports are all about passion and loyalty, and it's amazing how they can bring people together, even if they support opposing teams. We may have different jerseys, but our love for each other is stronger than any rivalry."
  5. "The beauty of sports is that it allows us to appreciate the skills and talents of athletes, regardless of the team they play for. Let's focus on enjoying all the incredible moments in the game and appreciating the effort of all the players."

Remember, the most important thing is to promote understanding, respect, and love within your family and friends circle, regardless of differing team loyalties. Encourage healthy discussions, playful teasing, and a shared enjoyment of the game.

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