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Tête-à-tête with Chef Gayatri Singh

Tête-à-tête with Chef Gayatri Singh

Gayatri Singh is a Singapore based chef, who combines her premier training in Classic French Cuisine with her love for authentic Indian flavours, resulting in exciting, unique creations. In her own words she calls it "exotic, professional, yet easy to cook food". Does that sound too good to be true?Take a peek at to judge for yourself.

At indigrow ( , we're always trying to meet people with passion & hear what they have to say. And Gayatri is filled with passion for food, flavour and life! Read on. 


What kind of a chef are you? Do you follow recipes to a tee? Or do you tend to adapt and make it your own? Or not follow recipes at all?

I am a classically trained chef in French Cuisine, but I like to take those techniques to a level where I can explore the nuances of my own cuisine. I am a creator, and I like to create my recipes. 

 What does the word ‘experiment’ mean to you?

An experiment is always exciting, that means I get to try some different dishes, culinary techniques and ingredients. 

Any early childhood memories that prompted a love of cooking and experimentation?

Food has always been a big part of my life. My mum’s cooking has a significant impact on my interest in cooking and experimenting with different flavours. 

Any funny incidents or anecdotes that you might want to share with us?

Oh, there are many, but this particular one is my favourite. Whilst living in Tokyo, I bought a packet of Orzo Pasta thinking it’s Risotto Rice and it was a disaster waiting to happen! 

What do you think about cooking with children? How do you encourage them to experiment for themselves?

Children should be introduced to cooking from an early as a fun project or an activity you can do together. Parents should encourage kids to try different cuisines, flavours and especially spices. I believe with the right direction, children can certainly learn to create. 

In your opinion, do you feel you are passing on a part of yourself to the world through your journey of experimentation with food?

Yes certainly! When I get messages from my followers about how much they or their family member liked my dishes, I do feel I am doing the right thing, passing on my knowledge to everyone! 

What has experimenting in the kitchen taught you about yourself?

That I am not afraid of new ingredients and I can create something delicious! 

 Any tips or advice for parents who might want to experiment or encourage their kids to experiment in the kitchen?

Include kids in cooking, baking, teach them about your cuisine, encourage them to try new flavours and not just in sweet dishes. Don’t be afraid of spices and herbs; let them try it. They play a pivotal role in children’s developing flavour palate.

Thanks for chatting Gayatri. That was fun. You can also follow her on


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