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#igotitfromymamma: Monica Sunny

#igotitfromymamma: Monica Sunny

Some people know just how to follow their passion. Just how to be comfortable in their own skin, embrace their roots & create beautiful opportunities. Read on as we talk to Monica Sunny, creator of The Chai Box about her mom! 

What are your memories of your mom from when you were a child?

My one consistent memory of my mom is her doing absolutely every household chore in her sari. Cooking, cleaning and even laundry.  She would wake up every morning before anyone and get the house ready for the day.  She never complained about her work.  Even when we move to Atlanta from India, she continued the routine with 2 jobs.  She really is a SUPERWOMAN!  She taught me how to cook and especially how to make a perfect cup of chai!  We would do story time at night and she would share her childhood stories along with teachings about our culture.  

When you look back now, how do you feel your mom inspired & influenced you in your growing years? 

My mother taught me the value of family tradition and how to preserve it even while growing up in another country.  She taught me the importance of my roots, our culture and where we come from and to take pride in it ALL.  I was only 9 years old when we moved to Atlanta from Punjab.

Needless to say, it was a culture shock.  Wanting to fit in and dismissing our Indian heritage would have been an easy thing to do but my mom made sure we stayed connected to our Indian roots. We celebrated everything  Indian!  Family gatherings, Food and Celebrations was the key to our childhood foundation 🙂 

What qualities/attributes/quirks of your mom do you have that you carry forward into your current life?

Three things that I have learned from my mother that has helped me throughout my life

  1. Importance of Family in your life.  Her dedication to her family, not just her husband and kids but also our extended family.  
  2. Her work ethic!
  3. Love of cooking and feeding!  

If you had to tell your mom one thing today, what would it be?

I tell you this pretty much every day... It's because of your sacrifices, love and guidance, I am the person, wife and mother I am today.  You are by far the most unselfish human I know.  You are forever giving and your love has no end. You are even a better grandmother than you were as a mother... if that is even believable 🙂

Awww, that's so sweet! Thanks Monica !

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