How I dreamt up indigrow


Growing up, Diwali was always about bright new beginnings. Light and love for a new direction. So, it seems the perfect time to share with you the story of how I dreamt up my new beginning. 


It all started when we found out we were going to be parents. Well, we were already fur baby parents to two adorable puppies. But now, it was time to be a human parent. After a missed period, a little morning sickness and an emotional ultrasound, we knew there was a little heartbeat inside of me. I held my husband Richard’s hand tightly, and right from that very instant, I started dreaming of how I want to raise this little thing. A kind, curious, happy child. Someone that would light up our world and be a positive influence to everyone around.  


Having grown up India, that was what I called home. But it hadn’t been for many years. 16 years, 5 diverse countries and 4 great jobs later I now lived in Singapore, with my most wonderful South African husband. This kid was going to be half South African, half Indian, born in Singapore and will probably live in many other countries. In this increasingly global world, I felt roots were important.  Roots ground you, they’ve always grounded me. I dreamt of passing on my roots, my memories and my childhood. I dreamt of places we visited, food we ate, festivals we celebrated, games we played , music we listened to, sounds of the street - I dreamt of the simplicity, the delight, the love.


I dreamt beyond mythology, folk tales, villages and old world India. I wanted to share with my child the India I grew up in. A relatable, contemporary India. Filled with soul and fun.


I dreamt beyond books.  An eco system of modern, Indian-themed fun tools that could help my child grow with India. Wherever he maybe. Hence the name, Indigrow. 


So I called upon my best friend and soul sister who is a super mom herself and a passionate early childhood development expert. Together we embarked on this very special journey of creating an Indian themed universe for early childhood years where empathy and imagination are at the heart of it all.  Where connections between grandparents, parents and children are strengthened. Where giggles reverberate through the imaginary walls. 


My dream has come true for me. It fills my heart with joy to share the gift of growing with India with little ones in 17 countries and counting. 


With love from my heart to yours, from my new beginning to all your new dreams and new beginnings - Happy Diwali! 

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  • How wonderful!!!! Wishing that this Diwali lights add to your visionary insights in inspiration and dreams in achieving continued growth and success in your interesting endeavor

    Prakash Alur
  • Appreciate your journey & the hard work you have put in Indigrow. I truly wish from my heart all your dreams to come true and you succeed in your endeavour. Wish you Happy Diwali & Wish Indigrow’s growth in 108 countries. 🎉💖💖💖

    A. V. Umakanth

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