Mini Indian Christmas Bundle

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You can never go wrong with this delightful Mini Indian Christmas Bundle. Two best seller books and a super fun family game! Perfect to get any family into the holiday spirit. 

So, what's in it? 

  • A to Z of India Best Seller Story Book |All ages|
  • Colours of India Best Seller Story Book | 3+ yrs but never too early to start|
  • Fun Family Snap Card Game |Whole Family|

1. A to Z of India Storybook |All Ages|: A wonderful snapshot of India on every page, a story in every letter, this book helps little ones explore and grow with India. Take your little ones on a magical journey of India. Feel the warmth in your heart and the smile on your face little kids start to recognise and use words that are so innately Indian. The best introduction to India! With beautiful, minimalistic, hand painted illustrations that capture the child's attention,  it is guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and come back to read it again and again. We promise. Watch the story reading here! 

3. Colours of India Story Book |2yrs+|: Join Koko, the little black crow on his delightful journey traveling all over the country discovering different things about India through the magic of colours.  But this is more than just a story. It is a beautiful tool to help you have a conversation with your child on being comfortable in their own skin. On his journey, Koko explores many elements of India in their vibrant colours - Fiery red chillies, a red bindi, a pink lotus, the Hawa Mahal, a blue peacock, the beautiful blue city of Jodhpur and much, much more. Each time wishing he was every other colour except the colour he was born with. Eventually after many gorgeous pages he realises his true colour, black is the best for him! It is a must have for kids of all cultures & races. A precious book for your little one’s library and his or her confidence! Don't miss out.  Watch the story reading here! 

4. Family Snap Card Game |All Ages|: Ah! This one is so much fun! Delight in the vibrant colours of India as you shout "SNAP" in this fun, loud, fast paced game for the whole family. Deal the 60 cards equally & take turns to place cards open down in the centre. Remember, don't look at your cards until you put them down. Be the first to shout "SNAP!" when any player places a matching card on the top of the pile and collect the whole pile. First one to collect all cards wins! This is loud and fun and noisy! Yay! Best way to liven up a dinner party. You can also make up your own rules. 

This is going to be so memorable for the little ones you love. So, what are you waiting for? Let's spread the Christmas cheer, with an Indian twist.