Mid Autumn Festival Fun Facts |Pro Tips|

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Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival? Here is a quick and easy check list for you and your little one to get started. Featuring stories, diy craft activities, videos and more! 

So, what do I get? 

You will get a PDF document sent straight to your email within 24 hour of adding this to your cart. It will have: 

1. Checklist: A cute little checklist you can print out and tick off as you finish each activity! An easy way to decide what you want to do when, prep ahead for the material and plan a fun week of celebration with your little one. 

2. Pro Tips: Sometimes even grown ups need a little help. We lead busy lives and a little guide makes it easy. Here we give you a few tips on how to approach celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival with your kids. Give it a quick glance, we make it fun and easy for you - we promise! 

3. Fun Facts: "Mamma, Why?" Isn't that the most asked question by your little kiddo? This Fun Fact page makes it easy to answer those "Why's" .. We keep it simple, easy to understand and explain. 

How do I get this? 

Just add to cart, and a digital file will be automatically sent to you within 24 hours. print it out and enjoy! 

How much does it cost?

Nothing!!! It's free. We love to create & curate and this has been put together with love by members of our community. Authors, story tellers and clever moms have put this together for you. So, enjoy and spread the love. Please do share and pass it along! 

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