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What is the Hanukkah Sing Along Songs Video?

Ah! You've asked just the right question! Sing Along to these wonderful Hanukkah Songs with the delightful Kira Rappaport. She explains the different elements of the Hanukkah Festival as she uses the melodious tunes of the flute and guitar to bring the stories and meaning behind Hanukkah to life with songs that will leave you and your little ones mesmerised! 

How do I get it? Is it really free? 

It's completely free. Just add this product to cart and a file will be sent to you within 24 hours after you checkout. That's it! 

Sneak Peek

There are a few short snippets that definitely don't do justice to how lovely this video is! But take a look anyway. This is a must have video to show to your kids during this Festival.

Who is it for? 

Everyone! Whether you're Jewish or not, this is a lovely way to introduce a cultural festival to your little one. 

About Kira Rappaport

Kira Rappaport has a B.A. in flute performance and an M.A. in Music with an emphasis on Early Childhood Music Education. She has been an early childhood music specialist for over 20 years. In addition to teaching 8-10 weekly Parent and Me Music Classes, Kira has created a Preschool Music Curriculum using literature as a jumping off point for making music with young children.  She is on faculty at the American Jewish University, where she instructs early childhood educators on the use of music in the classroom.  

She is married with 2 daughters of her own and she is passionate about helping families connect to their children and each other through music. Kira is thrilled to be a part of the Indigrow Hanukkah project.

Thank you so much Kira for doing this with us! We appreciate it! 

You can learn more about what Kira does by clicking on the links below.

IG: @musicwithkira 

FB: Music With Kira 

Youtube: Music with Kira


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