A child who sings is a happy child!  How could our collections be complete without songs? Here are two delightful, foot-tapping, addictive songs you and your little ones are going to love! Guaranteed. Listen or download the songs for free by clicking on the links below. 

INDIA INDIA: A to Z of India Song

This was the first song we wrote. It is inspired by our A to Z of India Collection. It takes you on a magical journey all across the country. Little kids love dancing to it! Go on. Click here to listen or download the song. For free. Yay! This song is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all other major streaming sites. 

KOKO THE CROW: Colours of India Song

Koko the Crow is the hero in our Colours of India Collection. Sing along with him as he explores vibrant India through colours. Sung by father & son duo Richard & Neil Kohler from the indigrow family, we promise you won't stop listening to it. Click here to listen or download the song for free!

BONUS: Music Video A to Z of India Song

Watch this fun music video we made for our A to Z of India collection. It has all the lyrics and pictures for you to dance and sing along! Click here to watch the video.