The Singapore Book Bundle

$45.99 $50.99

What's better than 1 Singapore Culture Play Book? 3 delightful Singapore Culture Play books! This year, gift something unique, fun and thoughtful. 

What comes in this Bundle? 

  • 3 x Singapore Culture Play Books at a discount of 10% 
  • Free Singapore inspired character stick puppets
  • Just print out & paste onto sticks

What's the Singapore Culture Play Book, you ask?

It's way more than a book! It's over a 100 play sessions.

wonderful snapshot of Singapore on every page, a story in every letter, a total of 26 mini stories, this book helps your little ones explore and celebrate Singapore like never before! 

The perfect book to introduce Singapore to every child. Filled with imagination and delight this book is an informative and fun way to learn about the wonderful country! A must have for everyone who sets foot on the island!

How best to enjoy it? 

That's the beauty of it! It can be enjoyed in limitless ways. Spark imagination by asking your little one to complete the story on a page they like. Ignite creativity by using playdough or crayons to recreate the yummy food shown in the book. Talk about diversity by asking questions about different characters and the festivals they celebrate. Develop critical thinking by opening up an simple map and ask your kids to plot the places shown in the book. An open ended book, based on learning through play - this is a whole lot of fun! 

Cute Character Stick Puppets

 We'll send you cute little cards of 4 characters from our book that you can cut out with your little ones. Stick them onto a stick, or simply use them as paper cut outs. Stick Puppets are perfect for some easy, no strings attached imaginative play.  We send you the cards & use any stick you have at home! Get the imagination going!

How old does my child need to be? 

Ah! It’s never too early to start and never too late to stop. It’s suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

What does it look like, really? 

A hard bound book with beautiful, hand painted images that leap out from soft pages. A true collectible item, this book is a nice size for all ages. A perfect 11 inches by 10 inches, perfect for a small bookshelf. Made with recyclable paper and organic ink, safe for even the littlest of hands.

P.S: It even has a fun facts section right at the end! 

 Are you ready for a Singaporean Christmas? Yes, you are!