On-the-Go Flash Cards|0-2yrs|


What are On-The-Go Flash Cards, you ask? 

These delightful flash cards will keep your little one mesmerised on every journey you take. Just hook the ring onto your stroller or diaper bag and off you go! Beautiful, hand painted visuals of Indian images will keep your little one fascinated through those long, car rides. Smile as your little one starts to recognise an auto or a tabla. A wonderful start to ensuring your child grows up with a little bit of India. 

Who can use it? 

It’s recommended for little munchkins of ages 0-2. It's great for image recognition and vocabulary building. 

What does it look like?

There are 15 cards held together with an easy hook ring. You can just hook it on to the stroller or diaper bag. Some clever munchkins just hold onto the cards and turn them over! The cards are a perfect 4 inches by 4 inches making it easy for little ones to hold. They’re also nice and light. We send the cards to you in a cute, little box which you can use to store baby things as well. It’s made with recyclable paper and printed with soya ink. Safe for even the littlest of hands.

Have some On-the-Go indigrow fun! 

How best to enjoy it? 

Pair it with our delightful A to Z of India Alphabet Story Book, for a very special story time experience with your little one! 

 Click here to watch how the A to Z of India Collection is designed to work together for your child!