Mini Movie Value Bundle| 2-3.5yrs|

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What is the Mini Movie Value Bundle for 2-3.5yr olds you ask? 

It’s a joyful journey with our adventurous Koko the Crow, designed to develop your child's most essential life skills. With the backdrop of the Colours of India, this will make little ones you love, laugh, play and imagine! 

So, what does it come with? 

1. Our brand new Mini Movie: Koko the Crow 

Our favourite Koko the Crow, now flies for real!  This adorable mini movie brings to life Koko’s vibrant journey.  Based on child science, this aids in visual development, language comprehension &  of course teaches kids about India! 100% child safe, under 6 mins as recommended by research, it is a definitive first pick for screen time. 

2. Adorable Baby Board Book  

Best beginner book about colours and India. Join Koko, the little black crow as he travels all over the country. Every page is filled with a vibrant splash of colour and an associated picture in the same colour. Your little one will learn about a red post box, a blue peacock, yellow marigolds and much, much more! Smile as your child begins recognising little bits of India through our beautiful hand painted illustrations. A wonderful line on each page ties it all together making it a fun book that kids repeat in delight! We promise.

3.Our best selling 6 in 1 Progressive Puzzle

This is the perfect introduction to puzzle play. Start with our 3 piece puzzle and work your way up towards our 6 piece puzzle. It is really 6 puzzles in one. A great deal! Our trademark hand painted illustrations divide up to form chunky pieces which fit together, giving your little one a sense of achievement every time it's completed. Challenging & fun!

4.Free Koko the Crow song

Sing along with Koko the Crow as he explores vibrant India through colours. Sung by father & son duo Richard & Neil Kohler from the indigrow family, we promise you won't stop listening to it! 

How does it all work together?

Step 1: Read the Book 

Step 2: Let them watch the video

Step 3: Let them play with the puzzle 

Step 4: Play the song anytime!

Because the book, puzzle, mini-movie and song are all linked, it extends learning into everyday physical play. It allows kids to connect to the story in multiple ways, activating their superpower to make connections and develop other essential skills. 

And last but not least, it gives you a few precious minutes to have that quiet cup of tea. Keep the book and puzzle handy and you just bought yourself another 20 minutes!  What are you waiting for? Get this amazing bundle at a fab price here! 

Please note: The Mini Movie and Song will be sent to you within 24-48 hours of purchase, the physical books and puzzle will follow our regular shipping times.