Indian Diversity Bundle |0-3yrs|

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What is the Diversity Bundle for 0-3yr olds you ask? 

Well, it's a joy ride designed to spark the imagination of your littlest of ones. With India as the backdrop & delightful mini stories this is a great gift!

So, what does it come with? 

1. Our bestselling A to Z of India Alphabet Story Book 

A wonderful snapshot of India on every page, a story in every letter, this book helps your little ones imagine, explore and grow with India. Watch them go on a magical journey of India as they learn the alphabet.

Why should A be for Apple and B be for ball?  Go for a fun drive in an Auto instead or pretend to be Bijli the Buffalo learning Bharatnatyam. Feel the warmth in your heart as your munchkins start to recognise and use words that are so innately Indian. 

2. Adorable On-The-Go Flash Cards 

These delightful, imaginative flash cards will keep your little one mesmerised on every journey you take. Just hook the ring onto your stroller or diaper bag and off you go! Beautiful, hand painted visuals of Indian images will keep your little one fascinated through those long, car rides. Smile as your little one starts to recognise an auto or a tabla. A wonderful start to ensuring your child grows up with a little bit of India. 


How does it work?

The Story Book & Flash Cards  are a perfect combination for little ones starting out on their journey of wonder and imagination. Kids learn through imaginative play. From 18-24 months old, they start to "pretend play" naturally. It is important to nurture this,  as it forms the foundation for their thinking process. And they're learning about the diversity of India the whole time! 

Step 1: Read the Book

As an adult, you read a story book to your little ones. You bring the characters alive for them in the way you read. But, your little ones want more. "Please read again!" We hear that often, right? They want to engage with the story on their own terms. And that’s where our On-The-Go Flashcards come into play.

Step 2: Introduce our Flashcards 

Leave them with it to explore. They're super sturdy for little hands but oh so fun. By keeping the images the same, we have created a little magical universe for your little ones to deep dive into and form connections for life. They will turn it, bend it, flip it - and absorb what's on it, in their own way. 

Step 3: Bring things alive in other ways

Make up stories , pretend to drive an auto or play a tabla, dance like the buffalo or have a conversation about all the places mentioned in the book! 

Every time your little ones read the book with you and play with the flashcards by themselves, they will dive a little deeper into their own imaginative, magical, mystical world and if you’re lucky, they might just invite you to join them!

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