World Book Bundle

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Our kids are growing up in increasingly diverse, multicultural environments. Give them the gift of cultural awareness early. They'll thank you later! 

What's the Multicultural Play Book Bundle, you ask?

These are way more than books! They're over a 100 play sessions.

A wonderful snapshot of cultures on every page, a story in every letter, this book helps your little ones explore and celebrate India, China & Singapore. 

The perfect book to introduce these cultures to every child. Filled with imagination and delight this book is informative and fun.

How best to enjoy it? 

That's the beauty of it! It can be enjoyed in limitless ways. Spark imagination by asking your little one to complete the story on a page they like. Ignite creativity by using playdough or crayons to recreate the yummy food shown in the book. Talk about diversity by asking questions about different characters and the festivals they celebrate.  These open ended books, based on learning through play - this is a whole lot of fun! 

How old does my child need to be? 

Ah! It’s never too early to start and never too late to stop. It’s suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

What does it look like, really? 

These are hard bound books with beautiful, hand painted images that leap out from soft pages. A true collectible item, these books are a nice size for all ages. Made with recyclable paper and organic ink, safe for even the littlest of hands.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get it now!