Memory Match Up |All ages|


What’s the Memory Match-Up game, you ask? 

After a little outdoor play is done, it’s time for some Memory Match-Up fun! It’s a memory game with an Indian twist. Each card has a beautiful, hand painted image of something Indian starting with A to Z. The cards are laid upside down and the game is to find as many pairs as you can! Gather your loved ones, sit around the table, lay out the cards and off you go! Watch your little ones squeal in delight as they find a matching pair of cards. Younger kids can use this as flash cards or a sorting & stacking game. Its amazing how diverse it is! 

 Who can play? 

Anyone! From 2 to 99 years. How’s that for fun? 

The youngest of our players like to sort, stack and match open cards. The older ones like to play it the usual way by getting the whole family together and sharing the love for India across generations. Smile in delight as they start to recognise and use Indian words they’ve never used before!

Get the grandchildren to play with their grandparents so both of them can test their memory. Isn’t that a lovely idea?

How does it look?

26 pairs of cards come in a cute, cylindrical tube. The tube is about 5.5 inches tall. It is easy to carry and store the cards. Made with recycled paper and printed with soya ink. Safe for even the littlest of hands.

 How best to enjoy it?

Pair it with our delightful A to Z of India Alphabet Story Book for a very special story time experience. You're going to be smiling and giggling while passing on special memories about the India you grew up in!  

Click here to watch how the A to Z of India Collection is designed to work together for your child!