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#igotitfromymamma: Pallavi Golla

#igotitfromymamma: Pallavi Golla

To start your own business takes courage, conviction and discipline. We chat with Pallavi Golla, who started Lark Adventure Wear Read on and see if she got her qualities from her mamma! 



What are your memories of your mom from when you were a child?


I remember my mom being a jack of all trades. She was a working mom, (she was a physician) she came home to cook a fresh meal everyday and she was still so full of energy! She entertained three kids, while she cooked and made us laugh so much. 


When you look back now, how do you feel your mom inspired & influenced you in your growing years?

As much fun as she was, she also inspired and influenced us with her high expectations. She had set the bar very high for her own achievements and had a way of pushing us to excel at the things we choose to take on. If we were doing something. Whether that was school, classical Bharatnatyam or piano, we had to do it with our 100% effort. That has definitely influenced me as i've moved through college, had a corporate career and now my own business. When I commit to something I truly work hard to make sure its the best it can be! 


What qualities & quirks of your mom do you have that you carry forward into your current life?

I think she's a huge inspiration to me. I aim to have her energy and work ethic, but also her love of life. She worked really hard and her life has always been about her family and career. To me those are my top priorities as well as I try to balance it all as well as she did. Even after a long day at work, she dedicated her life to enriching ours. Sitting down patiently to teach or read to us, making us laugh or being silly. I now realize that when your a career minded woman, you have two full time jobs and its so hard to relax. My mom always made us feel like we were her #1 priority and I hope I'm able to make my children feel the same way. 


If you had to tell your mom how you feel about her, what would you say to her today?

You are my biggest role model. You came to this country alone, left my brother and dad in India in pursuit of your own dreams. Thats hard to imagine for me now as a wife and mother, but even more unfathomable in the 1970s at a more traditional time in India. You had a vision of the success you wanted for your career and for your family and you worked tirelessly to make them a reality, all while making it seem effortless. You've definitely raised me to be a strong, proud woman and taught me that anything is possible with commitment, knowledge and persistence! 

Now, that's a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing Pallavi. 

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