Mini Festive Bundle |0-3yrs|

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It's Festive Season and we have just the thing for you!  Looking to gift unique, meaningful and delightful goodies? Look no further. This is it!

So, what is the Mini Festive Bundle for 0-3yr olds?

Inspired by India, designed with magic of imagination and logic of child science, it is a joy ride for your littlest of ones to discover a love for India and their identity.

So, what does it come with? 

1. Our bestselling A to Z of India Alphabet Story Book 

A wonderful snapshot of India on every page, a story in every letter, this book helps your little ones imagine, explore and grow with India. Watch them go on a magical journey of India as they learn the alphabet.

Why should A be for Apple and B be for ball?  Go for a fun drive in an Auto instead or pretend to be Bijli the Buffalo learning Bharatnatyam. Feel the warmth in your heart as your munchkins start to recognise and use words that are so innately Indian. 

2. Adorable On-The-Go Flash Cards 

These delightful, imaginative flash cards will keep your little one mesmerised on every journey you take. Just hook the ring onto your stroller or diaper bag and off you go! Beautiful, hand painted visuals of Indian images will keep your little one fascinated through those long car rides or a small walk. Smile as your little one starts to recognise an auto or a tabla. A wonderful start to ensuring your child grows up with an everyday slice of India. 

3. Delightful Baby Board Book 

A gorgeous first book about Colours that is set in India and follows the story of a little black crow. This book is a must have. Smile as little ones you love begin recognising little bits of India through our beautiful hand painted illustrations. A wonderful line on each page ties it all together making it a fun book that kids repeat in delight! We promise. 

4. Very Clever 6 in 1 Progressive Puzzle 

This is the perfect introduction to puzzle play as your little one explores the vibrant colours of India. Start with our 3 piece puzzle and work your way up towards our 6 piece puzzle. It is really 6 puzzles in one. A great deal! Our trademark hand painted illustrations divide up to form chunky pieces which fit together, giving your little one a sense of achievement every time it's completed. You know how kids get bored easily? That's the beauty of this progressive puzzle. Once you do one, the next one gets a little harder. And then your little one moves on to do the next and revels in the delight of having finished that! It's helping your child learn about India, about colours while improving spatial skills and logic. Challenging and fun! Pretty good , eh? 

5. Free Personalized Name Prints

A name is the first thing a child recognises as their own. The most important part of their identity. Help them embrace it with these oh-so-cute FREE personalised name prints inspired by our characters. It is sent to you digitally, you can print it and frame it however you choose to! The best gift you can give the little one you love. The gift of imagination and becoming confident with their identity early!

Hmm.. Why should I get all four? 

'Coz you're a smart cookie. First it is really, really good value. Not only is this a great gift as a whole bundle, you can also buy it and gift it to more than one little bubba. And you get one FREE PERSONALIZED NAME PRINT inspired by our delightful characters! 

Don't wait. Stock up. It's time for some Festive Fun Gifting! 

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