Story Book |3+ yrs|


What is this Story Book, you ask? 

Yay! You've found the Colours of India Story Book. Join Koko, our endearing crow on his imaginative journey exploring the vibrant colours of India. The next step after the Colours of India Baby Board Book, this delightful story brings the colours of India to life through our beautiful, hand painted illustrations. But this is more than just a story. It is a beautiful tool to help you have a conversation with your child on being comfortable in their own skin. On his journey, Koko explores many elements of India in their vibrant colours - Fiery red chillies, a red bindi, a pink lotus, the Hawa Mahal, a blue peacock, the beautiful blue city of Jodhpur and much, much more. Each time wishing he was every other colour except the colour he was born with. Eventually after many gorgeous pages he realises his true colour, black is the best for him! It is a must read for kids of all cultures & races. A precious book for your little one’s library and his or her confidence! Don't miss out. 

Click to watch a beautiful story telling video of this book! 

What is the perfect age for this book? 

It's never too early we always say! But 3 years old, is a great time to start with this book. The concept of colours, the concept of captivating Indian images in those colours & most importantly, the lesson of confidence and being comfortable in your own skin is a magical combination for the ages of 3 to 7yrs old. Just as they start being more aware of themselves. Of course it's a beautiful story for all ages - an iconic, meaningful book to buy, gift and collect. 

What does it look like? 

This one is a keeper. It is a great sized book measuring 9 inches by 11 inches. It will sit nicely in your little ones library of favourite books. Hard bound with soft white pages, the colours leap out at you beautifully. The hand painted illustrations of colourful Indian elements and Koko the crow interacting with them will bring you and your little one immense joy. As with all our products this one is made with recycled paper, is recyclable and printed with soy ink. Safe for little hands! 

 Best way to enjoy? 

Pair this with our fun Family Snap Card Game for a delightful evening of story time and playtime. Get ready to spark imagination, fall in love with India together & grow great kids! 

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