Indian Diversity Bundle |3-6yrs|

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What is the Diversity Bundle for 0-3yr olds you ask? 

It's a joy ride designed to spark the imagination of your kids. What better way to rediscover India with your kids than to "play" with India? 

So, what does it come with? 

1. Our bestselling A to Z of India Alphabet Story Book 

A wonderful snapshot of India on every page, a story in every letter, this book helps your little ones imagine, explore and grow with India. Watch them go on a magical journey of India as they learn the alphabet.

Why should A be for Apple and B be for ball? Go for a fun drive in an Auto racing through the crowded streets of Jaipur or Mumbai instead. Or pretend to be Bijli learning Bharatanatyam! Feel the warmth in your heart as your munchkins start to recognise and use words that are so innately Indian, making them part of their everyday vocabulary.

2. A to Z  of India Giant Floor Puzzle 

This GIANT Floor Puzzle is a GIANT amount of Fun! It fits together to form the entire A to Z with beautiful, hand painted illustrations. So, give your little ones a reason to sit cross legged on the floor or even better, why don’t you join them?  

Or enjoy a little, quiet time as they patiently attempt to fit one chunky piece of the A to Z of India puzzle into the other. Delight in their sense of satisfaction when they complete the puzzle, all the while discovering the magic of India. Listen and watch as our delightful characters come alive in their curious, imaginative young minds.  


How does it work?

The Story Book and Giant Floor Puzzle  are perfect combination for 3-6 yr olds who are already on a  journey of wonder and imagination. Kids learn through imaginative play. It is important to nurture this,  as it forms the foundation for their thinking process. And they are falling in love with india the whole time! 

Step 1: Read the Book

At this age, our kids take the stories they listen to and extend them into more elaborate plots. They add wonderful details from their own life. Our A to Z of India Story Book gives them the opportunity to bring alive so many delightful characters. But, your little ones need more. They need to engage with the characters on their own terms, not just in the storybooks. And that’s where our amazing Giant Floor Puzzle comes into play

And that’s where our Giant Floor Puzzle comes into play.

Step 2: Introduce our Giant Floor Puzzle 

The perfect quiet time activity.  As they assemble piece by piece,  the characters from the storybook now repeated in the puzzle come alive. The familiarity of the images in the book and the puzzle ensures that your little one has multiple opportunities to form connections and associations, encouraging them to experiment with their imagination and powers of storytelling. 

Step 3: Bring things alive in other ways

Make up more stories and unlock your little one’s imagination. Role play or maybe even set up a little puppet theatre. Do a little performance for the grandparents on Zoom!

Encourage them to join you in the kitchen as you roll out some rotis or steam some dhoklas. Spark conversation. Did you know Veda plays the violin just like her aunt?  Meera the monkey got a tummy ache from eating too many mangoes. What can Meera the monkey eat instead? 

This delightful Diversity Bundle is the perfect way to connect with India and relive the magic of childhood!

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